Test Plan

For each release of Orbeon Forms, we follow this test plan, which tests functionality in addition to the ~800 automatic unit tests which run with every build of Orbeon Forms. In the future, we want to automate most of this.


Distribution [2017.2 DONE]

  • [x] README.md is up to date
    • [x] links not broken (use Marked to save HTML, then check w/ Integrity)
    • [x] latest release year
    • [x] version number is correct
    • [x] links to release notes (include link to new version even if blog post not up yet)
  • [x] file layout is correct in zip and wars
  • [x] check WAR files have reasonable sizes
    • orbeon-auth.war (3 KB 2016.3-2017.2)
    • orbeon-embedding.war (1.3 MB 2016.3-2017.2)
    • proxy-portlet.war (1.7 MB 2016.3/2.2 MB 2017.1/2017.2)
    • orbeon.war (85 MB 2016.3/2017.1, 82 MB 2017.2)
    • orbeon-xforms-filter.jar (474 KB 2016.3/491 KB 2017.1/2017.2)
  • [x] dropping the WAR file (with license included or in ~/.orbeon/license.xml) works out of the box
    • [x] Tomcat
  • [x] make sure the PE license is not included

Landing Page [2017.2 DONE]

  • [x] version number is correct in logs when starting
  • [x] landing page
    • layout of FR examples
    • layout of XForms examples
  • [x] XForms examples
    • load, look reasonable, and work

PE Features Availability [2017.2 DONE]

Check that all PE features are available in PE, but not in CE:

  • [x] features which are checked

    • [x] distribution: orbeon-embedding.war and proxy-portlet.war are not present
    • [x] FB: no "Add Language" button
    • [x] FB: check with CE that a PE dialog shows for
      • Services
      • Actions
      • Attach PDF
      • Attach Schema
      • Permissions
    • [x] FB: no Signature control in toolbox
    • [x] FR: PDF Template button doesn't show for DMV-14 and W-9
    • [x] FR: TIFF button doesn't show even if configured (Controls form) [SINCE 2016.1]
    • [x] FR: Import page returns 404
    • [x] FR: No remote server support in Form Runner home page

      • in form-builder-permissions.xml add <role name="orbeon-user" app="*" form="*"/>
      • in properties-local.xml

          <property as="xs:string"  name="oxf.fr.home.remote-servers">
                  { "label": "Public Demo Server", "url": "http://demo.orbeon.com/orbeon" },
                  { "label": "Local Liferay", "url": "http://localhost:9090/orbeon" }
      • in web.xml uncomment authentication section
      • access http://localhost:8080/2016.2-ce/fr/
      • login with orbeon-user (or any user with the orbeon-user role)
      • check doesn't ask user for remote servers and only loads local form definitions
    • [-] FR: replication
    • [-] FR: document leases
    • [-] FR: virus scanner API
    • [-] FR: form publish API
  • features which are not checked yet but should be
    • Proxy portlet
    • Embedding
    • Oracle/DB2/SQL Server
    • Noscript mode [DEPRECATED SINCE Orbeon Forms 2016.3]
    • XML Schema generation
    • Captcha (#1927)
  • Check other features listed on the web site


Basic Persistence [2017.2 DONE]

Do the following for eXist and relational database of your choice. We do not need to test all relational databases here, as automated tests already test most of this on all supported relational databases.

  • Setup: in properties-local.xml, add:
          value="GET HEAD"/>
  • Create form
    • name it exist/a
    • change the input field to be shown in summary and search
    • add a static image, attach and image
    • add Image Attachment
    • publish
    • duplicate to sqlserver/a
  • Pages
    • FB: create form, publish
    • FR: check it shows on http://localhost:8080/2017.2-pe/fr/
    • FR: create new form, review, back to edit (#1643)
    • FR: enter data, select image, save
    • FR: check it shows in the summary page
    • FR: when editing, check the image shows
  • Search / summary
    • FR: in summary, search free-text and structured
    • FR: delete data in summary page works
    • FR: duplicate button works

Versioning [2017.2 DONE]

Do the following on a commercial relational database.

  • Setup

    • Properties

        <property as="xs:string" name="oxf.fr.detail.buttons.sqlserver.versioning">
            pdf tiff email save review send
        <property as="xs:string" name="oxf.fr.detail.process.send.sqlserver.versioning">
                uri     = '/fr/service/custom/orbeon/echo',
                replace = 'all',
                content = 'pdf-url'
        <property as="xs:string"  processor-name="oxf:page-flow" name="service-public-methods"  value="GET HEAD POST PUT DELETE"/>
        <property as="xs:string"  processor-name="oxf:page-flow" name="page-public-methods"     value="GET HEAD POST PUT DELETE"/>

      Also add your "personal" email properties (starting with oxf.fr.email).

  • Steps

    • [x] create form sqlserver/versioning
      • fields
        • name section personal-information
        • 1 email field with "Email Recipient", say gaga@orbeon.com (use the proper ID)
        • 1 input field "First name", named first-name
        • 1 Static Image with image statically attached
        • 1 Image Attachment with image statically attached
        • Download .bin file in DMV-14 folder, attach as PDF template
      • publish as version 1
      • go to new page
        • static image and image attachment show
        • check PDF template works
        • check TIFF works
        • check save works
        • check email works and sent to correct address
          • has image attachment but not static image
          • has PDF with image attachment
          • has TIFF
          • has XML
        • check send produces PDF path
          • load path in browser shows PDF with image attachment
      • review and back to edit works
      • save
      • summary
    • [x] edit the form definition
      • make changes in form definition to make it clear it's v2 (field labels, names, title, etc.)
      • remove "Email Recipient" from 1st email field and clear it
      • add "Email Recipient" to 2nd email field and add say gaga@gmail.com (use the proper ID)
      • change static Image
      • change static Image Attachment
      • publish as version 2
      • go to new page
        • check PDF template works
        • check TIFF works
        • check save works
        • check email works and sent to correct address
          • has image attachment but not static image
          • has PDF with image attachment
          • has TIFF
          • has XML
        • check send produces PDF path
          • load path in browser shows PDF with image attachment
      • review and back to edit works
      • save
      • go to new page with ?form-version=1
    • [x] XML Schema production
      • /fr/service/sqlserver/versioning/schema
        • Check this is the schema for first form published earlier
      • /fr/service/sqlserver/versioning/schema?form-version=1
        • NOTE: Adjust version numbers depending on which versions were published.
        • Check this is the schema for the second form published earlier
    • [x] go to the summary page, click on first row (created last)
      • check the data shows with the correct version of the form
      • check PDF
    • [x] go to the summary page, click on second row (created first)
      • check field A/value a and attachment show
      • check PDF
    • [x] Form Builder Publish dialog options (new in 4.6)
      • with persistence layer which supports versioning (sqlserver)
        • if sqlserver/a has never been published
          • no options and no messages are shown
          • latest version shows "-"
          • add comment
          • publish message says version 1 was created
        • if sqlserver/a form has been published
          • latest version shows correct number
          • option to create new version or overwrite (check version numbers)
          • switch option shows different message
          • add comment & publish
          • publish message says which version was created/updated
          • versioning comment switches when switching for example between v1 and v2
      • with persistence layer which doesn't support versioning (exist)
        • latest version line doesn't show, comment field doesn't show
        • if no exist/a form has been published
          • no options and no messages are shown
        • if exist/a form has been published
          • no options are shown
          • message about overwrite (see #3071)

Data Capture Permissions [2017.2 DONE]

  • [x] Setup
    • Properties
            value="orbeon-user orbeon-sales orbeon-admin clerk admin"/>
    • On Chrome, install the ModHeader extension
    • In ModHeader, setup the following headers:
      • My-Username-Header: clerk
      • My-Roles-Header: clerk
      • My-Username-Header: admin
      • My-Roles-Header: admin
  • [x] Create form in Form Builder
    • create new form exist/permissions
      • save and publish
      • enable permissions for form and configure like on doc page
    • use Duplicate button to create
    • edit the new form, and publish as sqlserver/permissions
  • [x] Make sure permissions are followed
    • anonymous user
      • home page: link goes to new page (not summary)
      • summary page: unauthorized (fixed regression with #1201)
      • detail page: only new accepted, edit, view, pdf are unauthorized
      • enter and save data on new
      • check URL doesn't change to edit
    • logged in user
      • check permissions as clerk/clerk
        • remove JSESSIONID (i.e. with Dev Tools)
        • login/switch user
        • home page: link goes to the summary page
        • summary page
          • sees data previously entered by anonymous user, cannot delete
          • click on existing data created by anonymous user shows read-only view
          • replace view with edit, getting an "Unauthorized" page
          • PDF works
          • click on new button opens new page
        • new/edit
          • save data works
          • user is owner so can edit his own data
          • cannot delete from Summary because no delete permission
      • check permissions as admin/admin
        • remove JSESSIONID (i.e. with Dev Tools)
        • switch to admin/admin user
        • home page: on click goes to summary page
        • on summary page
          • click on new opens new page
          • sees data previously entered by anonymous user and clerk
          • delete button enabled and works
          • on open data, can edit data

Lease [2017.2 DONE]

  • [x] Setup
    • On Chrome, install the ModHeader extension
    • In ModHeader, setup the following headers:
      • My-Username-Header: hsimpson
      • My-Roles-Header: manager
      • My-Username-Header: msimpson
    • Add the following to your properties-local.xml
        <property as="xs:string"  name="oxf.fr.persistence.provider.*.*.*" value="sqlserver"/>
        <property as="xs:string"  name="oxf.fr.authentication.method"      value="header"/>
        <property as="xs:boolean" name="oxf.fr.detail.lease.enabled.*.*"   value="true"/>
    • In Form Builder, create a form, publish it, open /new for that form, save
  • [x] Lease duration
    • Enable My-Username-Header: hsimpson header, clear JSESSIONID
    • Load form data, check we get the lease, time counts down from 10 minutes
    • Add <property as="xs:integer" name="oxf.fr.detail.lease.duration.manager.*.*" value="15"/>, reload page, check time still counts down from 10 minutes
    • Enable My-Roles-Header: manager header, clear JSESSIONID
    • Reload page, check time counts down from 15 minutes
  • [x] Dialog 2 min before the end
    • Remove the property overriding the lease duration for managers, and add the following property (so we don't have to wait too much)
        <property as="xs:integer" name="oxf.fr.detail.lease.duration.*.*.*" value="3"/>
    • Load form data, wait for 1 minute, check the dialog show, click button to renew, check the time goes back to 3 minutes
    • Wait for 1 minute, when the dialog shows ignore it, wait 2 minutes, check the dialog closes and the message telling us we don't have the lease anymore shows
  • [x] Auto-renewal
    • Remove lease duration property
    • Load form, wait 1 minute, change field value, tab out, check countdown goes back to 10 minutes
  • [x] Other user blocked until relinquished
    • As hsimpson load document to acquire lease, as msimpson load form again, check we're told hsimpson has the lease, try to acquire it, check it fails
    • As hsimpson load document, check we have the lease, click on button to relinquish, as msimpson load form again, check we got the lease

Replication [2017.2 DONE]

  • [x] locally run replication test
    • dependencies (check .travis.yml)
      • docker pull tomcat:8.0
      • docker pull haproxy:1.7
    • sbt
      • project orbeonWarJS
      • test
      • NOTE: Getting "Futures timed out after [2 minutes]" in the end, but tests have completed.

Autosave and Permissions Test [2017.2 DONE]

  • Setup
    • Use the following in your properties-local.xml:
        <property as="xs:string"  name="oxf.fr.persistence.provider.*.*.*" value="sqlserver"/>
        <property as="xs:string"  name="oxf.fr.authentication.method"      value="header"/>
    • On Chrome, install the ModHeader extension
    • In ModHeader, setup the following headers:
      • My-Username-Header: a1
      • My-Username-Header: a2
      • My-Username-Header: b1
      • My-Group-Header: a
      • My-Group-Header: b
  • Test
    • [x] In FB, create form sqlserver/autosave.
      • Create a field first name, marked as shown on summary page.
      • Enable permissions as shown below and publish. Permissions dialog
      • Publish
    • [x] Logged in as user b1 in group b:
      • With header-based authentication, make sure to clear the JSESSIONID after switching user, as Orbeon Forms stores the user credentials in the sessions and doesn't recompute them if they change.
      • sqlserver/autosave/new, type b1 Ned, save, change to b1 Ned draft, tab out, after 6s go to the summary page, check it shows b1 Ned draft as draft
    • [x] Logged in as user a1 in group a:
      • Can see data of other users, but in readonly mode (since everyone can read)
        • Load sqlserver/autosave/summary
        • Check b1 Ned and b1 Ned draft show, but has the readonly "label"
        • Check that clicking on b1 Ned and b1 Ned draft brings up the data in readonly mode
        • Edit the URL to have edit instead of view, check a 403 is returned
      • Drafts for saved
        • Load sqlserver/autosave/new
          • Check we don't get a prompt to edit the draft created by b1 (since we only have read access to it).
          • Type a1 Homer, hit save, edit into a1 Homer draft, after 6s go to summary page, check it shows a1 Homer and a1 Homer draft as draft
        • sqlserver/autosave/summary, click on a1 Homer draft, check the draft comes up
        • sqlserver/autosave/summary, click on a1 Homer, check prompt comes up, try both options and see that a1 Homer/a1 Homer draft comes up
        • editing one of the form data, hit save, back on the summary check the draft was removed
      • Drafts for new
        • sqlserver/autosave/new, type a1 Bart draft, after 6s go to summary page, check it shows a1 Bart draft as draft
        • sqlserver/autosave/new, check prompt, and try both options
        • sqlserver/autosave/new, on prompt start from scratch, type a1 Lisa draft, after 6s go to summary, check it shows a1 Bart draft and a1 Lisa draft as draft
        • sqlserver/autosave/new, check prompt, try both options, in particular the one showing the drafts for new
      • Summary
        • Edit a1 Homer, change to a1 Homer draft, after 6s go back to summary page.
        • Delete a1 Homer, check a1 Homer draft is deleted as well
        • Check a1 Lisa draft, then review, check in view mode without prompt
        • Delete a1 Bart draft, check a1 Lisa draft not deleted
    • [x] With anonymous user:
      • sqlserver/autosave/summary only shows saved data, not drafts
      • change form definition to remove the read permission form anyone
      • sqlserver/autosave/summary returns 403 (since anonymous users don't have the read permission)
      • sqlserver/autosave/new, type guest Maggie, tab out, after 6s check that no autosave took place
        • NOTE: Can't check with Charles anymore now that we have internal requests. But check logs or db.
    • [x] Permissions of drafts in summary page
      • Log in as user a1 in group a.
      • sqlserver/autosave/summary, delete everything (to clean things up).
      • As user a1 in group a, go to sqlserver/autosave/new, type a1 Homer, hit save, edit into a1 Homer draft, after 6s go to sqlserver/autosave/summary, check it shows a1 Homer and a1 Homer draft as draft.
      • As user a2 in group a, go to sqlserver/autosave/summary, check it shows a1 Homer and a1 Homer draft as draft.
      • As user b1 in group b, go to sqlserver/autosave/summary, check it shows neither a1 Homer nor a1 Homer2 draft.
    • [x] Autosave without permissions (tests for #1858)
      • Edit the form definition, uncheck Enable permissions for this form, publish
      • Log in as user a1 of group a
      • Go to /new, enter a1 Marge draft, tab out, wait for autosave
      • Go to /new again, dialog must propose loading draft
      • Choose to open the draft, edit it into a1 Marge, save, change to a1 Marge draft, wait for autosave
      • Go to the summary page, click on a1 Marge, dialog must propose loading draft

Flat View [2017.2 DONE]

  • Use the following properties in properties-local.xml:
      <property as="xs:boolean" name="oxf.fr.persistence.sqlserver.create-flat-view" value="true"/>
      <property as="xs:string"  name="oxf.fr.persistence.provider.*.*.*"             value="sqlserver"/>
  • Create a new form from this source, which has the sections and controls named as in the table in the flat view documentation
    • Publish, check that a view with the appropriate column names is created with the SELECT * FROM orbeon_f_a_a statement.
    • Go to /new of the form, enter values, save, run the SQL again, and check that the value entered show in the view.

Form Builder

Basic Features [2017.2 DONE]

  • [x] create new form
  • [x] insert sections, grids, repeated grids
  • [x] rename sections and controls
    • check renamed in source
  • [x] expand/shrink cells right and down
  • [x] move sections
    • up/down
    • right/left (subsections) (be aware of #2031)
  • [x] drag and drop (DnD) controls
    • [x] between grids, sections
    • [x] use shift to copy
  • [x] undo/redo
    • [x] undo/redo all documented operations
  • [x] repeated grid
    • [x] set min/max as ints
    • [x] set min/max as XPath expressions, e.g. 1 + 2
  • [x] make section repeated
    • [x] insert/move/remove iterations
    • [x] set min/max as ints
    • [x] set min/max as XPath expressions, e.g. 1 + 2
  • [x] set control label, hint, items
    • [x] plain
    • [x] HTML
    • [x] check HTML label appears correct in summary page / search
    • [x] placeholder labels
      • check with Controls form and look at all controls (see #3213)
    • [x] placeholder hints
  • [x] set control help (Lorum Ipsum)
    • [x] plain
    • [x] HTML
    • [x] check help icon appears when help is set, and disappears when help is blanked
  • [x] set section help
    • [x] check help icon appears when help is set, and disappears when help is blanked
  • [x] set control validation
    • set custom error constraint and alert
    • set custom warning constraint and alert
    • set required
    • check that if control is required but empty, generic message shows, not constraint message (#1829)
    • check that if control is required but empty and there is an unmet constraint, generic message shows (#1830)
  • [x] cut/copy/paste
    • control
      • cut/copy control with help, required, constraint, and warning
      • paste control
      • check in source that all elements have been renamed
        • including $form-resources references (see #1820)
        • including @validation and xf:constraint/@id (see #1785)
      • check that form runs and new control validates constraints properly
    • grid and section
      • cut/copy
      • paste multiple times
  • [x] set control MIPs and properties
    • check required star appears with required set to true()
    • check Show in Summary/Search work when form deployed
  • [x] set section MIPs
    • check show/hide based on control value e.g. $fortytwo = '42'
  • [x] edit/modify source
    • change e.g. control label
  • [x] image annotation control
    • create simple form and test works, saves, loads
  • [x] i18n (PE)
    • [x] check en/fr/es/it/de (languages with full support)
    • [x] switch FB language and check language changes
    • [x] add language
    • [x] edit label and items and switch languages
    • [x] edit source and change top-level language, make sure language selector switches
    • [x] remove language
    • [x] #1223
      • add lang not fully supported (e.g. Afrikaans) , remove all other languages, enter some labels
      • Test and Publish/new -> must show Afrikaans labels, not blank
  • [x] Form Builder Summary page
    • check that search in Summary page updates title/description when FR language is changed
  • [x] set form title/description
  • [x] test form
  • [x] save
  • [x] publish form
    • check that attachments are published too (e.g. attach static img, dynamic img, and PDF file attachment)
  • [x] warning dialog if attempt to close page when unsaved
  • [x] serialization/deserialization #1894

Singleton forms [2017.2 DONE]

Test that the features works as documented:

  • [x] create form mysql/singleton
    • check singleton checkbox
    • 1 field
    • permissions: anybody can create, owner can do all
    • publish
  • [x] login as user a1
    • can do new
    • enter "abc"
    • save
    • new gone from Summary page
    • /new in URL redirects to '/edit/...'
  • [x] 2nd browser: login as user a2 or b1
    • can do new
    • enter "def"
    • save
    • new gone from Summary page
    • only see "def" in Summary
    • /new in URL redirects to '/edit/...'

Schema Support [2017.2 DONE]

  • attach Schema
    • [x] attach the Bookcast schema
      • available types contains rating, language, link
    • [x] change to the XForms types schema
      • available types contains card-number, dayTimeDuration, yearMonthDuration
    • [x] delete schema, check removed from model, be aware of
      • Delete attached XML Schema causes error if type in use #694)
      • When removing schema, type from previously selected schema are showing #2733
    • [x] re-add Bookcast schema
    • [x] assign types to controls
    • [x] check that validation is working as per the types
    • [x] check schema types are reloaded in Control Settings dialog
      • NOTE: This is not the case with xforms-types.xsd, probably because the types are in the xf: namespace. Use the Bookcast schema.xsd instead.

Database service [2017.2 DONE]

  • [x] setup db

    • use MySQL, local or on RDS (jdbc:mysql://mysql.c4pgtxbv1cuq.us-east-1.rds.amazonaws.com:3306/orbeon?useUnicode=true&amp;characterEncoding=UTF8)
    • set datasource in server.xml
    • create test table + data row if doesn't exist (can use IntelliJ Database tools)

      create table orbeon_address_book (
      id      integer not null primary key,
      first   varchar(255) not null,
      last    varchar(255) not null,
      phone   varchar(255) not null
      insert into orbeon_address_book values(1, "John", "Smith", "5551231234");
      insert into orbeon_address_book values(2, "Mary", "Smith", "5551111111");
  • [x] setup form
    • 1 Text Field (input)
    • 1 Calculated Value (output)
    • 1 Radio Buttons (radios)
  • [x] create address db service

      SELECT * FROM orbeon_address_book
      WHERE id = <sql:param type="xs:string" select=""/>
  • [x] create get-address action
    • on input control appearing or changing its value, call service
    • sets service value from input on request for param 1
    • sets control values on response, e.g. concat(/*/*/first, ' ', /*/*/last)
    • set Control Choices on response
      • /*/*
      • concat(first, ' ', last)
      • id

HTTP service [2017.2 DONE]

  • [ ] create echo service with POST
    • POST to /fr/service/custom/orbeon/echo
    • body:
            <item label="Foo" value="foo"/>
            <item label="Bar" value="bar"/>
  • [x] test
    • [x] call service upon form load and set control value upon response, for example:
        string-join(//@label, ', ')
    • [x] same with button activation
    • [x] same but set service values on request from control
    • [x] set itemset values on response

Form Builder / Form Runner

Section Templates [2017.2 DONE]

  • examples here but create new to make sure builder works!
  • [ ] create acme/library
    • 3 sections
    • S1
      • 2 fields, readonly or visibility dependency from one field on the other
    • S2
      • dropdown
      • repeated grid
    • S3
      • nest repeated section with repeated grid inside
    • 2 languages
    • 1 HTTP service/action
      • load-languages/set-languages
      • load oxf:/apps/fr/i18n/languages.xml
      • upon form load
      • set itemset
        • @english-name
        • @code
    • test/publish
  • [x] insert components from library into acme/test-library
    • insert S1 and S2 twice, S3
    • add French language
    • check language changes in builder (be aware of #690)
    • publish
    • test
      • [x] check control visibility change
      • [x] check language changes
      • [x] check services load in both languages (same labels)
      • [x] enter data, save, check that data loads back in all fields
      • [x] test that repeated grid in section template shows (#1370) in the builder and nicely
      • [x] check review, PDF
  • [x] make sure Clear works
  • [x] makes invalid controls in section template prevent saving
  • [x] check all labels appear and repeats work (#3243)

PDF Automatic [2017.2 DONE]

  • [x] Controls and Bookshelf
    • input field and text areas have highlighted and clickable links
    • try TIFF output as well
  • [x] Controls
    • [ ] image annotation shows in PDF
    • NOTE: Disabled in 2016.1 and 2016.2, re-enabled in 2016.3 but not re-added to Controls form.
  • [x] form title in header/footer
  • [x] logo in title
  • [x] page numbering/total at bottom center
  • [x] PDF looks good overall
  • [x] send PDF binary works

          value="pdf email send"/>
      <property as="xs:string" name="oxf.fr.detail.process.send.orbeon.bookshelf">
          send(uri = 'http://posttestserver.com/post.php?a=b', method = 'post', replace = 'all', content = 'pdf')
  • [x] Form for issue #3105 renders PDF well.
    • Doesn't work well for 5 columns. Entered #3423
  • [x] "Page break before section" checkbox works

PDF Template [2017.2 DONE]

  • [x] attach e.g. 831113e3ef799f2c9f57ee0b10f789a8951360ba.bin (W9 example)
  • [x] add field "name" in section "applicant"
  • [x] publish and test that name appears in PDF and TIFF
  • [x] remove PDF
    • publish and test, must see notemplate PDF/TIFF
  • [x] check that custom filename works [2017.1: regressed, pending fix and new test; works with 2017.2]

  • [x] check that DMV-14 PDF works and is filled out
    • check Vote and Leased checkboxes
    • check that state appears (#3053)
  • [x] W9 form
    • check that signature appears in the PDF and doesn't go over background PDF lines

Form Builder Permissions [2017.2 DONE]

  • NOTES 2014-03-20
    • Would be really nice to have automated for this!
  • 2 environments
    • [x] eXist
    • [ ] relational
  • setup

    • "Uncomment this for the Form Runner authentication" in web.xml
    • tomcat-users.xml

    • properties-local.xml

        value="container"/><!-- change to header for header-based auth -->
        value="orbeon-user orbeon-sales orbeon-admin"/>
    • form-builder-permissions.xml

        <role name="*"            app="guest" form="*"/>
        <role name="orbeon-sales" app="sales" form="*"/>
  • [x] browser 1
    • clear cookies
    • [x]
      • login on /fr/auth as orbeon-sales
      • http://localhost:8080/2017.2-pe/fr/orbeon/builder/new
      • must see guest and sales as app names
    • [x] create sales/my-sales-form
      • set permissions
        • Anyone → Create
        • orbeon-sales → Read and Update
      • save and publish
    • [x] can access
    • [x] new
      • enter data and save
    • [x] summary
      • check that saved in summary
      • check can edit and duplicate
      • check Delete button is disabled
      • check PDF works
    • [x] http://localhost:8080/2017.2-pe/fr/
      • sales/my-sales-form shows on the home page
      • NOTE: Be careful in case sales/my-sales-form is also read from existing e.g. MySQL, etc.
      • admin ops for sales/my-sales-form
      • other forms don't have admin ops
      • Select → All, then Operation → Unpublish Local Forms (#1380)
        • check forms w/o access were not selected!
      • now that sales/my-sales-form is unavailable
        • check the link is disabled
        • check that /new returns 404
    • [x] http://localhost:8080/2017.2-pe/fr/orbeon/builder/summary
      • open structured search (be aware of #878)
      • check only guest and sales forms are available
  • [x] browser 2
  • [x] browser 1
    • remove all permissions for Anyone for this form, re-add Create for orbeon-sales, publish
    • check can still new/edit/view
  • [x] browser 2
  • [x] browser 1
    • re-add Anyone → Create
    • add Owner → Read
    • check nothing changed
      • well, can do /new from Home with menu
  • [x] browser 2
    • can access http://localhost:8080/2017.2-pe/fr/sales/my-sales-form/summary, but only see own data as readonly
    • /new, save
    • Summary shows forms in readonly mode
  • [x] access is rejected if user doesn't have any matching roles (#1963)
    • in form-builder-permissions.xml:
        <role name="dummy" app="sales" form="*"/>
        <!--<role name="*"            app="guest" form="*"/>-->
    • clear cookies
    • log in as orbeon-admin
    • access to FB Summary page is rejected
    • access to FB New page is rejected
    • access to FB Edit page is rejected if form doesn't have matching role

Form Runner

Sample forms [2017.2 DONE]

  • [x] load all
  • [x] Controls
    • [x] wizard navigation
    • [x] autocomplete works
    • [x] dynamic data dropdown loads data
    • [x] review/PDF look ok
      • [x] check Yes/No checkboxes have enough spacing
    • [x] check wrapping in view/pdf modes
      • enter Lorum Ipsum in input field
      • enter long text without space in input field, textarea, and formatted text
  • [x] Bookshelf
    • Detail
      • [x] help works
      • [x] review and back works
      • [x] add/remove repeats works
        • also with keyboard
      • [x] change lang works

Errors and warnings [2017.2 DONE]

  • FB: create form
    • required field
    • non-required field
    • field with 1 warning and 1 info
  • FR: error summary
    • shows errors, warning and info
    • links and focuses to controls, including XBL controls, but not invalid output controls
  • FR: review page if no errors
  • FR: review page shows review dialog if warning or info
  • FR: come back to edit page

Process buttons [2017.2 DONE]

  • create and publish guest/test
    • 1 required field
  • add these properties, and add review to the list of buttons in the first property
  • check standard behavior of buttons
    • save-draft
      • can save w/ invalid data
    • save and save-final
      • cannot save w/ invalid data
    • submit
      • echoes PDF URL (try to download)
    • save 2
      • echoes XML
    • home/summary/edit/review
  • send w/ replace all/none
    • set acme.submit.replace to none
    • must not navigate after submit

Attachments/uploads [2017.2 DONE]

  • [x] basic upload works
  • [x] removing uploaded file works
  • [x] large uploads fail (> 100 MB by default)
    • FR error dialog shows
    • control is back to empty
  • [ ] constraints on upload size and mediatype
    • [x] set oxf.fr.detail.attachment.max-size.*.*, check limits upload
    • [ ] same from Form Builder UI for form
    • [x] set oxf.fr.detail.attachment.max-size-aggregate.*.*, create form with repeat, check limits upload
    • [ ] same from Form Builder UI for form
    • [x] set oxf.fr.detail.attachment.mediatypes.*.* to image/jpeg application/pdf, check limits upload
    • [x] same from Form Builder UI for form
    • [x] same with image/* application/pdf
    • [x] form with 2+ attachments: set different max size for each using common constraint
    • [x] form with 2+ attachments: set different mediatypes for each using common constraint
  • [x] very small (a few KB) upload works multiple times in a row
  • [ ] with throttling (with Charles)
    • cancel midway works
    • progress indicator works

Submit [2017.2 DONE]

  • comment out custom submit button process (oxf.fr.detail.process.submit) in properties
  • config
          value="home summary review save-draft save-final save submit workflow-send"/>
  • FR: in new page, click Submit then
    • clear and close
    • keep values and close
    • OK: goes to echo page
    • close window [NOTE: Only if window was open with JS.]

Email [2017.2 DONE]

<property as="xs:string"  name="oxf.fr.detail.buttons.*.*"           value="save email"/>
<property as="xs:string"  name="oxf.fr.email.smtp.host.*.*"          value="smtp.gmail.com"/>
<property as="xs:string"  name="oxf.fr.email.from.*.*"               value="ebruchez@gmail.com"/>
<property as="xs:string"  name="oxf.fr.email.to.*.*"                 value="ebruchez@gmail.com"/>
<property as="xs:string"  name="oxf.fr.email.smtp.username.*.*"      value="ebruchez@gmail.com"/>
<property as="xs:string"  name="oxf.fr.email.smtp.credentials.*.*"   value="**********"/>
<property as="xs:string"  name="oxf.fr.email.smtp.encryption.*.*"    value="tls"/>

<property as="xs:string"  name="oxf.fr.detail.buttons.orbeon.controls">

<property as="xs:string"  name="oxf.fr.detail.buttons.orbeon.dmv-14">

<property as="xs:boolean" name="oxf.fr.email.attach-pdf.orbeon.controls"  value="true"/>
<property as="xs:boolean" name="oxf.fr.email.attach-tiff.orbeon.controls" value="true"/>

<property as="xs:string"  name="oxf.fr.detail.buttons.test.email">
  • [x] create/update test/email form with "Email Carbon Copy Recipient", "Email Bind Carbon Copy Recipient", "Email Sender" and check that From/Cc/Bcc work
  • [x] hit Email button from Controls and DMV-14
    • check email received
    • contains attachments, XML, PDF and TIFF [SINCE 2016.1]
    • PDF: check fields are filled #2207
    • check attached PDF looks like PDF generated from detail page, including checkboxes/radio buttons, and images

Misc [2017.2 DONE]

  • switch language
  • open/close sections (but not with wizard)
  • repeats
    • check can access repeated grid/section button and menu via keyboard navigation

Wizard [2017.2 DONE]

  • [x] <property as="xs:string" name="oxf.fr.detail.view.appearance.wizard.*" value="wizard"/>
    • or use FB setting for form
  • [x] validated mode
    • /fr/orbeon/w9/new (lax)
    • check cannot click in TOC
    • check cannot navigate forward with error in current section
    • once all sections visited, can freely navigate
    • check back to edit allows navigating all sections
    • strict vs. lax mode
    • with explicit validation
        <property as="xs:string"
  • [x] /fr/orbeon/controls/new
    • test errors in section template are highlighted in TOC
  • [x] check that Form Builder's Wizard option enables/disables the wizard
  • [x] separate TOC
  • [x] subsection navigation
  • [x] TOC subsections

Captcha [2017.2 DONE]

  • enable with property
  • test reCAPTCHA
    • NOTE: had to fix 1 regression with 2016.1.
    • NOTE: had to fix 2 bugs with 4.5.
  • test SimpleCaptcha

Help popups/hint tooltips positioning [2017.2 DONE]

  • [-] create form to test general positioning
    • [ ] help on all controls (Lorum Ipsum)
    • [ ] repeats
    • [ ] checkboxes/radios
  • [x] Bookshelf
    • try all helps (see #1637)

Mobile and Responsive [2017.2 DONE]

NOTE: Summary and Home are not responsive as of 2016.3.

  • [x] setup
    • iPhone 6S or 6S Plus or X
    • can also test more using simulator
  • [x] default layout (Contact Form / Bookshelf Form)
    • [x] looks ok
    • [x] can navigate to view and back
    • [x] PDF shows
    • [x] upload book cover in Bookshelf
  • [x] wizard layout (Controls form)
    • looks ok (TOC at top, buttons at bottom)
    • can navigate sections via TOC at top (click and buttons)
    • Next/Prev buttons at bottom work
  • [x] Control Form
    • can enter data, select checkboxes/radio buttons
    • date picker works
    • can quickly select radio buttons/checkboxes (zoom in if needed, touch areas are small)
    • signature works
    • autocomplete works
    • PDF
    • NOTE: Repeat not handled nicely.
  • [x] DMV-14 Form
    • repeat menu works
      • NOTE: Repeat doest not appear nicely.
    • PDF / TIFF
  • [x] W-9 Form
    • Review looks good
    • PDF looks good with signature
  • [x] zoom
    • see regression #3062 [confirmed with 2017.1]
    • can pinch zoom
    • add error, save, must de-zoom before showing Error dialog
    • same for Clear dialog
  • [x] Number field
    • [x] non-negative integers show keypad
    • [x] other numbers show number pane
    • [x] if decimal separator is ,, show regular pane (if US settings)
      • set attributes by hand: decimal-separator="," grouping-separator="'" (e.g. if phone is in French mode)
  • be aware of open issues
  • be aware of #2875

Home Page [2017.2 DONE]

See also Form Builder permissions above which already tests some of this.

  • [x] http://localhost:8080/2017.2-pe/fr/ lists deployed forms
  • [x] comment all roles in form-builder-permissions.xml
    • no admin buttons/actions show
  • [x] changing language to French works
  • [x] set all Form Builder permissions
      <role name="*" app="*" form="*"/>
    • admin actions show
    • Available/Unavailable/Library labels show
    • publish/unpublish works
  • [x] "publish to production"
    • [x] configure remote server and production-server-uri
      • e.g. remote in /orbeon
        <property as="xs:string" name="oxf.fr.home.remote-servers">
              "label": "Remote server",
              "url":   "http://Eriks-MacBook-Pro.local:9090/orbeon/"
      • deploy orbeon-auth.war on remote
    • [x] server asks for credentials if user has admin role
      • orbeon-admin/x* (with liferay-portal-6.2-ce-ga6/tomcat-7.0.62, orbeon-admin has orbeon-service role)
    • [x] Cancel → loads local forms
    • [x] Connect → loads local and remote forms, sorted by mod date desc
    • [x] Select menu works
    • [x] Operation menu works
      • push/pull forms
      • check available on /fr/ page on remote (e.g. /orbeon/fr/)
    • [-] add 2nd remote server to oxf.fr.home.remote-servers property and check user is asked when loading page
        <property as="xs:string"  name="oxf.fr.home.remote-servers">
              { "label": "Demo Server", "url": "http://demo.orbeon.com/demo" },
              { "label": "Local Liferay", "url": "http://Eriks-MacBook-Pro.local:9090/orbeon/" }
    • [x] take form (could be previous sales/my-sales-form (see Form Builder Permissions) but doesn't have to be)
      • attach static image
      • publish locally
      • push to remote
      • check attachment is pushed
      • load form /new on remote, make sure works and attachment is there
      • NOTE: /summary should do 403 if user is not orbeon-sales on remote. For this, make sure form has permissions enabled and e.g. orbeon-sales only can read.
      • pull back form
      • load form /new on local, make sure works and attachment is there
    • no checkbox for forms w/o admin access (e.g. set <role name="*" app="orbeon" form="*"/>)
  • [x] upgrade form definitions
    • upgrade local
    • upgrade remote
    • make sure forms still work
  • [x] reindex database works (make sure relational provider is enabled)

Summary Page [2017.2 DONE]

  • e.g. http://localhost:8080/2017.2-pe/fr/orbeon/bookshelf/summary
  • list forms
  • paging
    • create more than 10 instances if necessary
    • test going to the next page
    • check total are correct
  • search "Scala" works
  • search Author = grey works
  • switch language
  • pdf
    • template
    • automatic
      • try ?fr-language=en vs. ?fr-language=fr on PDF URL
  • duplicate
  • delete

Excel Import [2017.2 DONE]

  • http://localhost:8080/2017.2-pe/fr/orbeon/contact/import
  • import small doc first (- view contact5.xlsx on Google Drive)
    • check 2 out of 5 docs invalid
    • continue and check import passes: 3 documents were imported
  • import larger document (contact300.xlsx)
    • check 120 out of 300 docs invalid
    • continue and check import passes: 180 documents were imported
  • check % and ETA progress during validation and import
  • check import completes

Liferay [2017.2 DONE]

  • versions as of Orbeon Forms 2017.2
    • [x] Liferay Portal Community Edition 7.0 CE GA5 / 7.0.4
  • versions as of Orbeon Forms 2017.1
    • Liferay Portal Community Edition 6.2 CE GA6 (January 2016)
  • versions as of Orbeon Forms 2016.3
    • Liferay Portal Community Edition 6.1.1 CE GA2 (Paton / Build 6101 / July 31, 2012)
    • Liferay Portal Community Edition 6.1.2 CE GA3 (August 2013)
    • Liferay Portal Community Edition 6.2 CE GA6 (January 2016)
  • [x] setup
    • remove existing orbeon and proxy-portlet.war webapps if present
    • copy orbeon.war and proxy-portlet.war to deploy folder
    • start Liferay:
      • ./liferay-ce-portal-7.0-ga5/tomcat-8.0.32/bin/catalina.sh run
      • ./liferay-portal-6.1.2-ce-ga3/tomcat-7.0.40/bin/catalina.sh run
      • ./liferay-portal-6.2-ce-ga6/tomcat-7.0.62/bin/catalina.sh run
    • try http://localhost:9090/ from Firefox (or Chrome)
    • login
      • test@liferay.com/liferay
      • NOTE: Cannot seem to login with Chrome anymore. Tried removing JSESSIONID, still issue.
  • [ ] proxy portlet
    • [x] set to point to http://localhost:8080/2017.2-pe/
    • [x] try out pages
      • New page
      • Summary page
      • Home page
    • [x] set Send Liferay language
      • check that language picker in FR doesn't show on 3 pages
      • change My Account → Display Settings → French
      • check that all 3 pages now show in French (be aware of #1628)
    • [x] set Send Liferay user
      • check w/ HttpScoop that user headers are sent to Form Runner
        • Orbeon-Liferay-User-*
    • [x] readonly mode (be aware of #884)
    • [x] edit/review/back
    • [ ] send to external page
    • [x] PDF loads
      • check that checkboxes appear correctly (see #2046)
    • [x] check that TinyMCE (rich text) appears ok
    • [x] upload works
    • [x] attach image and save
    • [x] check singleton form works
      • create test/singleton singleton form in Form Builder, publish
      • point to test/singleton from proxy portlet in new mode
      • load portlet, enter data, save
      • load again, check data shows (switched to edit mode)
  • [ ] full portlet [only if supported; not supportd with Liferay DXP/and Orbeon Forms 2017.2]
    • [ ] all examples and Form Runner
    • [ ] upload works
    • [ ] PDF works
      • check that checkboxes appear correctly
      • NOTE: Hit issue of double JSESSIONID once, check cookies if problems.
    • [ ] attach image and save, make sure image shows properly
    • [ ] Image annotation control works (in Controls form)
    • NOTE: noscript broken in Liferay #1041

Organizations [2017.2 DONE]

Do this just after general Liferay testing (above).

Setup hierarchy using Liferay UI:

    └── California
        ├── orbeoncaliforniauser1@orbeon.com (org owner/admin)
        ├── Foster City
        │   ├── orbeonfostercityuser1@orbeon.com (org owner/admin)
        │   └── orbeonfostercityuser2@orbeon.com
        └── San Carlos
            ├── orbeonsancarlosuser1@orbeon.com (org owner/admin)
            └── orbeonsancarlosuser2@orbeon.com


<property as="xs:string" name="oxf.fb.permissions.role.always-show">
   ["Organization Owner"]
  • [x] comment out container auth in web.xml
  • [x] create test/organizations form
    • enable permissions
      • Anyone can Create
      • Owner can Update
      • Organization Owner can Read/Update/Delete
        • publish
  • [ ] from Liferay proxy portlet
    • [x as admin (e.g. test@liferay.com user)
      • set proxy portlet to test/organizations
    • [x] login as orbeonfostercityuser2@orbeon.com
      • enter and save data
      • check summary has data
      • check with HTTP monitor that user information is in Orbeon-Liferay-User-Credentials:
                      "name":"Power User"
                      "Orbeon World",
                      "Orbeon California",
                      "Orbeon Foster City"
    • [x] login as orbeonfostercityuser1@orbeon.com
      • check data includes data from orbeonfostercityuser2@orbeon.com
      • enter and save data
      • check with HTTP monitor that user information is in Orbeon-Liferay-User-Credentials:
                      "name":"Power User"
                      "name":"Organization Owner",
                      "organization":"Orbeon Foster City"
                      "name":"Organization Administrator",
                      "organization":"Orbeon Foster City"
                      "Orbeon World",
                      "Orbeon California",
                      "Orbeon Foster City"
      • check summary has data for both
    • [x] login as orbeonfostercityuser2@orbeon.com again
      • check summary has data for orbeonfostercityuser2@orbeon.com only
    • [x] login as orbeoncaliforniauser1@orbeon.com
      • check data includes data from orbeonfostercityuser1@orbeon.com and orbeonfostercityuser2@orbeon.com
  • [x] run tests above with eXist
  • [x] run tests above with relational

Embedding [2017.2 DONE]

  • [x] deploy orbeon-embedding.war into Tomcat
  • [x] update web.xml:

  • [x] navigate to http://localhost:8080/2017.2-pe-embedding/
  • [x] go through demo forms and test
    • [x] enter data
    • [x] Save
    • [x] PDF
    • [x] repeats
    • [x] help/hints
    • [x] controls to check
      • upload
      • signature
      • number
      • autocomplete
    • NOTE: There are limitations, for example navigation (Summary, Review) won't work.
  • [x ] Form Builder
    • layout is ok
    • hover icons
    • dialogs
    • inserting controls
    • view source
    • Test button

XForms Retry [2017.2 TODO]

  1. [ ] Retry happens

    • [ ] setup

      • edit resources/apps/xforms-sandbox/samples/dispatch-delay.xhtml
        • change sleep service to use sleep?delay=10 (sleep 10 s)
        • add to model
            value=". + 1"/>
      • set the following properties

    • [ ] test
      • open http://localhost:8080/2017.2-pe/xforms-sandbox/sample/dispatch-delay
      • in Chrome, open the Dev Tools, go to the Network tab (or use HttpScoop or Charles)
      • hit the Manual save button
      • check after ~10 seconds that the Ajax response succeeds with 200 (retry will return with 503 until the 10 s have elapsed)
      • can also hit the Start button, and notice the number incrementing after ~10s
      • (the loading indicator doesn't show while a retry is not in progress, which is somewhat unintuitive, but we'll fix this as part of #1114)
  2. [ ] Request not reaching server

    • change back sleep service to use sleep?delay=5 (sleep 5 s)
    • set the following properties

    • load page again
    • using Charles, go in Proxy / Breakpoints (⌘⇧K), enable breakpoints, and add:
    • click on Manual save
    • the request is intercepted by Charles
    • when you click on Abort, check that the client retries the request right away and that the request doesn't show in the server logs
    • finally click on Execute, and check the request runs on the server, and the response reaches the browser after 5 s with a 200
  3. [ ] Response not reaching client
    • change back sleep service to use sleep?delay=5 (sleep 5 s)
    • in Charles, edit the breakpoint set above (see screenshot), and this time break on the response, i.e. uncheck the "request" checkbox and check the "response" checkbox
    • click on Manual save
    • check after 5 s the breakpoint is hit
    • Abort (make sure to abort Ajax response, not call to sleep service - no longer an issue with 4.7+)
    • check the request is made again right away by the browser and replayed right away by the server
    • Execute
    • check the response reaches the client
  4. [ ] Unexpected HTML response
    • change back sleep service to use sleep?delay=5 (sleep 5 s)
    • click on Manual save
    • edit the response to contain non-valid XML, and Execute
    • check the client re-executes the request
  5. [ ] File upload
    • setup
      • enable breakpoint on response for /2017.2-pe/xforms-server/upload
      • enable throttling in Charles (⌘⇧T) per the following configuration
      • download this image (~200 KB)
    • http://localhost:8080/2017.2-pe/xforms-upload/
    • select image, and upload start in the background
    • abort the response to the background upload
    • check it interrupts the download (we're not retrying uploads) and message says "There was an error during the upload."

Error Dialog [2017.2 DONE]

See #1938.

  • [x] scenario 1
    • load page
    • remove JSESSIONID
    • do Ajax update
    • server must respond with XML error document (be aware of #2212)
    • client must show error dialog
    • check logs don't show full exception
  • [-] scenario 2
    • same but with other error
      • WHICH ONE?
    • same result except that exception must be logged

Other Browsers [2017.2 DONE]

  • [x] main tests above with Google Chrome
    • 2017.2: 64.0.3282.39 beta
    • 2017.1: 60.0.3112.32 beta
    • 2016.3: 55.x and 56.0.2924.28 beta
    • 2016.2: 52.0.2743.82 and 53.0.2785.57 beta
    • 2016.1: 49.0.2623.112
    • 4.10: ??? and 46.0.2490.4 dev
    • 4.9: 42.0.2311.135
    • 4.8: 39.0.2171.95 and 41.0.2267.0 dev
    • 4.7: 37.0.2062.122
    • 4.6: 37.0.2062.0 dev
    • 4.5: 35.0.1897.8 dev
  • [x] Form Builder / Form Runner tests with latest Firefox
    • 2017.2: 57.0.3
    • 2017.1: 54.0
    • 2016.3: 50.1.0
    • 2016.2: 48.0
    • 2016.1: 45.0.2
    • 4.10: 40.0.2
    • 4.9: 37.0.1
    • 4.8: 34
    • 4.7: 32
    • 4.6: 30
    • 4.5: 27.0.1 and 28
  • [x] Form Builder / Form Runner tests with latest Safari
    • 2017.2: 11.0.2 (13604.
    • 2017.1: 10.1 (12603.
    • 2016.3: 10.0.2 (12602.
    • 2016.2: 9.1.1 (11601.6.17)
    • 2016.1: 9.1 (11601.5.17.1)
    • 4.10: 8.x.x
    • 4.9: 8.0.5 (10600.5.17)
    • 4.8: 8.0.2 (10600.2.5)
    • 4.7: 7.0.6
    • 4.6: 7.0.4
    • 4.5: 7.0.2
  • [ ] Form Builder / Form Runner tests with IE11 (since 4.5)
  • [ ] Form Builder / Form Runner tests with latest Edge
    • 2017.2
      • EdgeHTML 16.x
    • 2017.1
      • Edge 40.15063.0.0
      • EdgeHTML 15.15063
    • 2016.3
      • Edge 38.14393.0.0
      • EdgeHTML 14.14393
    • 2016.2
      • Edge 25.10586.0.0
      • EdgeHTML 13.10586
    • 2016.1
      • Edge 25.10586.0.0
      • EdgeHTML 13.10586
  • [ ] Form Runner run with
    • IE10: FB has warning, FR works and looks ok
    • IE9: FB has warning, FR works and looks ok

Other [2017.2 DONE]

Features to test, with all supported browsers:

  • [x] give CE version a quick run
  • [x] XForms filter
    • http://localhost:8080/2017.2-pe/xforms-jsp/guess-the-number/
    • http://localhost:8080/2017.2-pe/xforms-jsp/flickr-search/
  • [-] examples-cli in distribution work (fix/remove them if not)
    • NOT in Orbeon Forms 2017.1 and 2017.2
    • unzip orbeon-
    • cd orbeon-
    • unzip -d orbeon orbeon.war
    • java -jar orbeon/WEB-INF/orbeon-cli.jar examples-cli/simple/stdout.xpl
    • java -jar orbeon/WEB-INF/orbeon-cli.jar examples-cli/transform/transform.xpl
  • [-] check logs are clean
    • no debug information
    • no unwanted information
    • be aware of #849

Release process

Major release

  • [ ] maybe: choose and create a new demo form from scratch to integrate with this release or next
  • [ ] i18n
    • [ ] ping people who have provided i18n resources (spreadsheet)
    • [ ] update "Localizing Orbeon Forms" and "Supported-Languages":
      • ../form-runner/feature/localization.md
      • localizing-orbeon-forms.md
    • [ ] update FR/FB properties with full / almost full languages lists
  • [ ] check diff of -ce/-pe branches, see if missed commits
  • [ ] doc/test plan
    • [ ] go through all new features (github issues also) and make sure test plan or automated tests cover them
    • [ ] take note of which features could be blog worthy
    • [ ] check all (most) screenshots on http://doc.orbeon.com/ are up to date
  • [ ] make sure DDL doc is up to date:
  • [ ] decide whether XBL components/other features need to be deprecated/removed
    • go over all existing XBL components
  • [ ] update README and build.xml version number
    • do on master branches too
    • create branches
  • [ ] complete blog post with list of new features and compatibility notes
  • [ ] testing
    • [ ] testing according to test plan
    • [ ] SQL Server: need to test against RDS Web edition
      • use M1 small instance
    • [ ] test /register and /license forms
    • [ ] client-side tests
      • run through all
      • see if failing ones are reasonable
  • [ ] tag -ce/-pe branches and push tags
  • [ ] upload build to github
    • [ ] use CE tag in github release, create CE branch/tag if needed
    • [ ] upload CE and PE files to release, including .md5
  • [ ] put PE sources in Google Drive
  • [ ] link new release from orbeon.com/downloads and home page
  • [ ] publish blog post
  • [ ] updates to doc
  • [ ] announce: twitter, orbeon forum, XForms mailing-lists
  • [ ] install PE on demo.orbeon.com and prod.orbeon.com (document)
  • [ ] notify users who asked to be notified
  • [ ] after release tasks
    • [ ] brainstorm, bug review, and planning of next release
    • [ ] review all issues marked as Top Issue/Top RFE
    • [ ] review Product goals for 2018
    • [ ] update Roadmap and tweet

Minor release

  • [x] update README and build.xml version number
    • [x] links not broken (use Marked to save HTML, then check w/ Integrity)
    • do on master branches too
  • [x] quickly test fixes in build
  • check diff of -ce/-pe branches, see if missed commits
    → not needed as we don't cherry-pick on the `-ce` branches anymore
  • [x] complete blog post with list of new features and compatibility notes for PE only
  • [x] tag -ce/-pe branches and push tags
    • NOTE: We don't cherry-pick commits on -ce anymore. We can create a "fake" tag just for the release.
  • [x] upload build to github
    • [x] upload PE files to release, including .md5
  • [x] put PE sources in Google Drive
  • [x] link new release from orbeon.com/downloads and home page [NOTE: don't release for CE]
  • [x] quick review and publish blog post
  • [x] updates to doc
  • [ ] announce: twitter, orbeon forum, XForms mailing-lists
  • [ ] install PE on demo.orbeon.com and prod.orbeon.com (document)
    • [ ] test register/license

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