Index of Features


The purpose of this page is to index features, their documentation and blog posts in a central location so that you can get an idea of what Orbeon Forms offers at a glance.

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As of 2016-04-19 this page is still being updated.

List of Orbeon Forms features

Form Builder and Form Runner

  • Inserting and reordering grid rows: blog post
  • Repeated grids and sections
  • Section Templates:
    • main feature: doc
    • merging: doc
  • Singleton forms: doc
  • Versioning of form definitions: blog post about concept, blog post about publish options
    • overwriting of existing version: doc
    • associating a comment with a given form version: doc, blog post
  • Form field validation: doc, blog post
    • required fields (also via formula, see blog post)
    • whitespace trimming: doc, blog post
    • data types such as string, number, date, etc.
    • multiple constraints with formulas
    • common constraints: doc, blog post
      • minimum/maximum length
      • positive, positive or zero, negative or zero, or negative value
      • maximum fractional digits
      • attachment sizes and file types
    • errors, warnings, and informational validations
    • custom alert messages per validation
  • Access control
  • Persistence (databases)
  • Datasets: doc, blog post

Form Builder

  • Summary page: doc
  • Toolbox:
  • Form Settings: doc
    • General Settings
    • Form Options: doc
      • Singleton forms: doc
      • Wizard view: doc
  • Control Settings: doc
    • control name
    • Summary page options
    • custom CSS classes
    • easy switching of control appearances: blog post
    • validation: doc
    • formulas: doc
    • help text (plain text and rich text)
  • Itemset Editor: doc
    • Hints for checkboxes and radio buttons: blog post
  • Section Settings: doc
    • whether section is collapsible
    • whether section is initially collapsed
  • Publishing a form definition: doc
  • Explanation text: blog post
  • Extension API: doc
  • Access control for editing forms: doc
  • Internationalization (i18n) / localization (l10n): doc
  • Services and actions
    • HTTP Services: doc
      • JSON support (for reading only): doc
      • setting URL parameters
    • Database Services: [doc](form-builder/
    • Actions: doc
  • XML Schema Support: doc
  • Source code editor: docwhether section is collapsible
  • Extension API: doc

Form Runner

Form controls

  • Text controls
    • Text field
    • Plain text area
    • Formatted text area
    • Password field
  • Output controls
    • Explanatory text
    • Calculated value
  • Typed controls
    • Number
      • control of rounding when formatting/capturing data
    • Email address
    • Currency
    • US phone number
    • US state
  • Date and time controls
    • Date, time, date and time
    • Dropdown date
    • Fields date
  • Selection controls doc
    • Dropdown menu
    • Radio buttons
    • Radio buttons with "Other": doc
    • Checkboxes
    • Scrollable checkboxes
    • Yes/No answer: doc
    • Single checkbox: doc
    • Dynamic data dropdown
    • Autocomplete
  • Attachments
    • File attachment
    • Image attachment
    • Static image
    • Handwritten signature: doc
    • Image annotation: blog post
    • Control maximum size and file types: blog post
  • Buttons
    • Button
    • Link button
  • Other
    • Character counter: doc
    • Custom components: doc
      • support JavaScript Companion Classes: doc


  • Database support: doc
  • SQL Server support in Orbeon Forms: blog post
  • PostgreSQL support in Orbeon Forms: blog post

Form handling

  • Session heartbeat: doc
  • Browser back/forward button support: doc



  • Limiter filter to limit the number of concurrent form requests: doc
  • Internal service requests: blog post


  • Loading indicator and spinners: blog post
  • Namespaced jQuery to avoid conflicts with other jQuery versions
  • Run modes: doc, blog

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