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Form definition versioning support

Since Orbeon Forms 4.5, Form Runner and Form Builder support versioning of form definitions (blog post).

Previous support

In addition (even prior to Orbeon Forms 4.5), when retrieving form.xhtml, Form Runner passes a URL parameter when possible:


This parameter is passed when:

  • editing form data

  • viewing form data

  • producing a PDF

This parameter is NOT passed when no document information is available, e.g. when:

  • creating new form data

  • listing form data on the summary page

The value of the parameter is the id of the form data (document) being edited. This allows the persistence layer to retrieve the form definition associated with that document, in case the persistence layer handles versioning itself.

Auditing trail

In addition, the relational database implementations support an auditing trail, keeping older versions of form definitions and form data. However this is not visible at the level of the REST API.

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