Form Data Format


Form Runner loads and saves data in XML format. This page describes the format used.


As you create a form definition with Form Builder, an XML representation for the data to capture is automatically created. It is organized as follows:

  • A root element: <form>
  • Within that element, for each section, a sub-element named after the section name: <address>
  • Within a section element, a sub-element for each control in the section, named after the control name: <first-name>
  • Within each control element, the value of the control is stored: <first-name>Alice</first-name>


        <image filename="" mediatype="" size=""/>

Nested sections


Repeated grids and sections

TODO: Specify how nested grids and nested sections are represented.

NOTE: Non-repeated grids do not create containing elements.


For attachments, the control element is slightly different:

  • the text content is a URL pointing to the location of the attachment in the persistence layer
  • attributes are used for storing
    • the file name
    • the file media type
    • the file size


<my-attachment filename="book.png" mediatype="image/png" size="13245">

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