JSON support


[SINCE Orbeon Forms 2016.1]

Receiving JSON


When a submission returns an application/json mediatype, the submission parses the received JSON and converts it to an XML representation friendly to XPath expressions.

NOTE: This is also supported with xf:instance when using the src or resource attributes, when the content is received with an application/json mediatype.

[SINCE Orbeon Forms 2017.1]

In addition to the application/json mediatype, mediatypes of the form a/b+json are recognized.

Conversion examples

The following JSON object:

{ "given": "Mark", "family": "Smith" }

converts to:

<json type="object">

and the values can be accessed in XPath with the paths instance()/given and instance()/family.

Numbers have a type="number" attribute:

{ "name": "Mark", "age": 21 }

converts to:

<json type="object">
    <age type="number">21</age>

Booleans similarly have a type="boolean" attribute:"

{ "selected": true }

converts to:

<json type="object">
    <selected type="boolean">true</selected>

Arrays use the _ element name and the type="array" attribute:

{ "cities": ["Amsterdam", "Paris", "London"] }

converts to:

<json type="object">
    <cities type="array">

and the string "Paris" can be accessed with instance()/cities/_[2].

JSON null adds a type="null" attribute:"

{ "p": null }

converts to:

<json type="object">
    <p type="null"/>

Here is a link to more examples as part of the test suite.

Sending JSON

When setting serialization="application/json" on xf:submission, the source XML is converted to JSON. The source XML must be compatible with the XForms XML representation of JSON shown above to be meaningful.

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