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[SINCE Orbeon Forms 2023.1]
Messages dialog


Some of the Form Runner actions display messages to users. For instance, when a form is saved, a message is displayed to confirm that the form was saved successfully. The Messages dialog allows you to customize those messages directly in Form Builder, instead of using properties such as oxf.fr.resource.*.*.en.detail.messages.save-success.


You can open the Messages dialog by clicking on the "Messages" button, under the "Advanced" tab, in the toolbox.
Each message must have a language, a name, and a value.
The message name can be one of the pre-defined names present in Form Runner's resources.xml (e.g. save-success or upload-error) or a custom name, which can be entered by selecting "Other".
When a message is defined in the Messages dialog, it overrides any message defined in a property.

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