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Basic settings


Section collapsing

[SINCE Orbeon Forms 2016.1]
The following only applies when the form doesn't use the Wizard view.
A section can be open/expanded or closed/collapsed. By default, sections are open when the form loads, unless the "Initially open" checkbox is deselected.
The "Collapsible" radio buttons control whether the user can collapse and expand sections:
  • Use property: use the configuration specified with the oxf.xforms.xbl.fr.section.collapsible property
  • Always: the section is collapsible no matter what the oxf.xforms.xbl.fr.section.collapsible property specifies
  • Never: the section is not collapsible no matter no matter what the oxf.xforms.xbl.fr.section.collapsible property specifies

Repeat settings

Label and help message

The label can be configured directly in the form area, by clicking on the section title, or in the "Label" tab.
The help message is configured in the "Help Message" tab. Similarly, the help message can be in plain text or use rich text (HTML).

Dynamic label and help message

[SINCE Orbeon Forms 2018.1]
In most cases, labels and help are simply localized messages without dynamic parts.
However, sections also support dynamic labels and help messages. This means that, instead of being specified once and for all at form design time, labels and help messages can incorporate dynamic parts such as control values and other custom expressions.
For more, see Template syntax.

Dynamic iteration label

[SINCE Orbeon Forms 2019.1]
For sections with repeated content, the "Repetition Label" tab allows you to set a label that applies to individual repetitions. Typically this label will use a template so that values from the repeated content can be used.
When using the Wizard view, repetition labels will show in the Wizard's table of contents.

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