Orbeon Forms 2023.1.2

Friday, April 26, 2024

Today we released Orbeon Forms 2023.1.2 PE! This maintenance release contains bug-fixes and minor new features and is recommended for all users of:

This release addresses the following issues since Orbeon Forms 2023.1.1 PE:

  • Security

    • Upgrade to TinyMCE 6 (#6249)

  • Accessibility

    • Multiple elements with id="xforms-select-full-template" and id="xforms-select1-full-template" (#6224)

    • role and ARIA attributes for radio buttons and checkboxes in static readonly (#6235)

    • Don't produce role="textbox" on input for date and time (#6270)

  • Form Builder

    • Type with custom error message must not store xs:string (#6252)

    • "Test Offline" uses inline script (#6242)

    • "form not found" when closing Control Settings (#6277)

  • Form Runner

    • ORBEON.fr.API.wizard.focus() to support the lax and strict modes (#6240)

    • Excel export: Boolean xf:input doesn't export possible item values (#6244)

    • Import: validate that Boolean values are false/true but reject 0/1 (#6250)

    • Requests to persistence API not taking oxf.http.forward-headers into account (#6255)

    • Dropdown part in Dropdown with "Other" overflowing when labels are very long (#6233)

    • Ability to configure the plain dropdown with search with a minimum input length (#6245)

    • Rapid changes on Angular component can lead to multiple forms being embedded in the page (#6251)

    • JavaScript error when going to "All Form Controls" review page (#6256)

    • Improvements to configuration warning banner (#6267)

    • Don't create session when loading font files and for OPTIONS (#6019)

    • Radio button, checkboxes incorrectly checked (#6272)

    • StackOverflowError with complex form (#6260)

    • Wizard TOC subsection has gray on gray or white on gray text (#6246)

    • Schema to be aware of the dynamic dropdown itemset-empty attribute (#6022)

    • Excel import crashes during validation (#6278)

    • Import: grid layout is wrong (#6281)

You can download the latest version of Orbeon Forms from the downloads page.

Don't forget to grab a trial license for the PE version.

Please send feedback via Twitter, Mastodon, or the forum.

We hope you enjoy this release!

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