Form fields


You can control access to specific form fields based on the user user's roles.

Using and accessing roles

The $fr-roles XPath variable can be used in formulas controlling whether a field or section is visible or readonly. $fr-roles contains the list (as an XPath sequence) of roles of the current user, if any. Each role is represented as a string.

You can make a control non-visible to the current user by defining a visibility expression that returns false(). If the control is visible, you can make it readonly to current user by defining a readonly expression that returns true().


The following "Visibility" expression makes a section visible only if one of the roles has value admin:

fr:user-roles() = 'admin'

Due to the logic of XPath comparison on sequences, this expression returns true() if at least one of the roles is admin, even if there are other roles available.

NOTE: Until Orbeon Forms 2016.1, use the following instead.

$fr-roles = 'admin'

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