Form Runner supports implementing services using XPL (the XML pipeline language), associated with an application or a specific form.

NOTE: This is an advanced feature which requires programming.

Mapping an XPL file to a service URL

Assuming the following:

  • App name: acme

  • Form name: order

If you place a file called foo.xpl under


A service called foo is made available the following URL:


Similarly, if you place a file called bar.xpl under


A service called bar is made available the following URL:


Implementation of the service

The XPL has the following interface:

  • instance input: contains the XML data POSTed to the service URL

  • data output: XML data produced by the service

The following example XPL just echoes the incoming data:


    <p:param type="input" name="instance"/>
    <p:param type="output" name="data"/>

    <p:processor name="oxf:identity">
        <p:input name="data" href="#instance"/>
        <p:output name="data" ref="data"/>


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