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The Form Runner Published Forms page allows you to access your deployed forms.

You access the Form Runner Published Forms page by adding fr/forms to the path on which you deployed Orbeon Forms. If you deployed Orbeon Forms on, then you can access the Published Forms page at

This page is also accessible directly from the Landing page.

Availability and compatibility

[SINCE Orbeon Forms 2022.1]

Until Orbeon Forms 2021.1, this page was combined with the Forms Admin page under the name Home page and accessible at the path /fr/. Starting with Orbeon Forms 2022.1, the Home page is replaced with separate Published Forms and Forms Admin pages at paths /fr/forms and /fr/admin. The /fr/ path now reaches the Landing page.


Depending on your permissions, only the subset of the forms that you have access to is shown.

Published forms

The page shows a table with the following data:

  • Each line shows only forms that are published and available.

  • For each form, the app name, form name and title in the current language are shown.

  • The form version is also shown. [SINCE Orbeon Forms 2020.1]

  • You can navigate to the form's Summary, New or View page, depending on permissions, by clicking on a line.

  • Forms are sorted by last modification time.

  • Libraries are never shown in this view.

NOTE: Only deployed forms are visible. Forms that have been created with Form Builder and which have been just saved but never deployed are not visible.

Configuration properties

Page size

The number of forms shown on a given page can be set with the following property:


The table listing the forms links, for each form, either to the summary or the new page, based on which page the user has access to. If the user has access to both, then it links to the summary page, in essence giving the priority to the summary page. [SINCE Orbeon Forms 2017.2] You can also change this priority by setting the value of the following property, of which the default is shown below.

    value="summary new"/>

For instance, if you set it to new summary, the priority will be given to the new instead of the summary page. If you list only one page, say new, then entries in the table will only link to the new page, of course if the user has access to it. If you leave the value blank, the forms will only be listed, with no link.

Orbeon Forms 4.0 to 4.2

For each form definition the current user has access to, the following links are shown if allowed:

  • Link to the summary page: shown if the current user can perform either one of the read, update, or delete operations on the form.

  • Link to the new page: shown if the current user can perform the create operation on the form.

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