Checkbox input


[SINCE Orbeon Forms 2016.1]

What it does

The fr:checkbox-input component displays a single checkbox and by default stores a value of true when selected and false when deselected.

NOTE: It differs from the (deprecated in Orbeon Forms 2016.1) Boolean Input field (obtained by binding an xf:input to a field of xs:boolean type) in that the Checkbox Input displays the label right next to the checkbox.

Basic usage

You use fr:checkbox-input like a regular XForms controls. Example:

<fr:checkbox-input ref="initially-open">
    <xf:label>Initially Open</xf:label>

Advanced usage

The datatype of the bound node is typically xs:boolean but doesn't have to.

The following attributes can be passed:

  • selected-value: value to store when the checkbox is selected, by default true

  • deselected-value: value to store when the checkbox is deselected, by default false


    <xf:label>Trim leading and trailing spaces</xf:label>

The control works like xf:select in that it adds and removes the selected value (by default true) into a space-separated list of tokens without affecting other tokens. With the following example, say the bound node initially contains:

<whitespace>foo bar</whitespace>

When the user selects the checkbox. The node now contains:

<whitespace>foo bar trim</whitespace>

And when the user deselects the checkbox. The node contains again:

<whitespace>foo bar</whitespace>

NOTE: The control only store a value into the bound node when the user changes the checkbox selection. Say the data by default is blank: the control will not automatically change it to false (or to the value set by deselected-value) until the user selects then deselects the value again.

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