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Orbeon Forms 2021.1.10

Thursday, September 28, 2023
Today we released Orbeon Forms 2021.1.10 PE! This maintenance release introduces bug-fixes and is recommended for all users of:
This release addresses the following issues since Orbeon Forms 2021.1.9 PE:
  • Search API can generate invalid SQL (#5862)
  • Occasional error when loading Form Builder summary page (#5872)
  • Upgrade to bcmail 1.75 (#5877)
  • Session heartbeat request sent too frequently (#5889)
  • fr:attachment in PDF must not contain link to download (#5917)
  • fr:simple-captcha must update its status when the user sets a value (#5920)
  • Support presence of multiple caching providers (#5937)
  • Remove old XPath and Transformations Sandbox (#5943)
  • Cannot edit alert messages in Validations and Alerts tab (#5945)
  • Fix test following removal of service (#5982)
You can download the latest version of Orbeon Forms from the downloads page.
Don't forget to grab a trial license for the PE version.
Please send feedback via Twitter, Mastodon, or the forum.
We hope you enjoy this release!