Template syntax


[SINCE Orbeon Forms 2018.1]

Templates, as of Orbeon Forms 2018.1, apply to:

  • Email Settings

    • Subject

    • Body

  • Control Settings

    • Label

    • Hint

    • Help Message

    • Explanatory Text [SINCE Orbeon Forms 2019.1]


You define a template by setting a placeholder with the following exact syntax:


where foo is a name which must match one of the template parameters configured below.

Template parameters

You can add new parameters with the "+" icon and remove them with the "-" icon.

The following options are available for each template parameter:

  • Parameter name: this must be unique among parameters.

  • Parameter value:

    • Control Value: the value of a form control.

    • XPath Expression: calculated expression.

    • All Control Values: the value of all form controls.

      • This is only available for the email body.

      • This is experimental as of Orbeon Forms 2018.1.

NOTE: For the email subject and body, an XPath expression runs in the context of the form data's root element. However, the Form Runner function library is not yet available to expressions as of Orbeon Forms 2018.1. For labels, hints and help messages, the Form Runner function library is available.

A template may omit references to any or all template parameters.


When the form definition has more than one language:

  • Each language has its own localized template.

  • Template parameters are not localized and are available no matter what language is selected.


In the following example of a dynamic control label, the $name variable refers to the subsequent name parameter. The Template Parameters section declares that name parameter to refer to the name control.

Dynamic label configuration

This is how this would appear in the running form:

Dynamic label at runtime

In the following example of dynamic email subject, the $title and $author variables refer also to the subsequent parameters.

Email Subject

The text of the template is localized as usual when the form definition has more than one language.

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