1. Anonymous data capture with administrator

  1. Setup at least one user and role for your container.

    • The easiest way to do this with Tomcat, if you don't have already users setup within your system (via a Tomcat realm for example), is to modify Tomcat's tomcat-users.xml file, for example as follows:

        password="Secret, change me!" 
  2. Enumerate the role in the following property:

  3. Protect Form Builder and, optionally, the Form Runner Home page

    • In web.xml, uncomment the permissions section.

    • Replace:



    <!-- Optional, to prevent anonymous users from accessing the Form Runner Home Page -->

    and replace the role name:

  4. Set, in form-builder-permissions.xml:

    <role name="orbeon-admin" app="*" form="*"/>
  5. Remove demo forms and apps from Orbeon Forms.

  1. Within Form Builder

  • make sure that all your forms have permissions enabled (PE feature only)

  • set the create permission for all users

  • set all permissions for the role orbeon-admin

  • republish your forms

  • see also #1860

  1. Configure forms' buttons

  • You will want only a "Send" or "Submit" button, as a plain "Save" button doesn't make sense in this case.

With this setup:

  • Published forms are not protected by the container. They are protected by Form Runner permissions.

  • Form Builder is protected by the container so that anonymous users can't create new forms.

  • Form Builder also requires orbeon-admin at the Orbeon Forms level.

  • Any user, logged in or anonymous, can create form data from any published form.

  • All other operations (read, update, delete) are not available to anonymous users or logged in users without the orbeon-admin role. Users with the orbeon-admin role have

  • Users with the orbeon-admin role can perform any operations on the form data after they are logged in.


  • Anonymous data entry does not support autosave.

  • As an administrator, you first have to login, for example by accessing Form Builder, before accessing published forms' Summary page (issue #1292).

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