Form Builder and Form Runner integrate with other systems through the a number of means, summarized below.

Plain URLs

See URLs for more details.

  • Through URLs, you access Form Runner and Form Builder's pages.

  • The URLs can be produced simply by using hyperlinks or redirects from other applications.

Configurable persistence API

See Persistence API for more details.

  • The API is based on REST (that is, through HTTP).

  • It provides CRUD, search, and metadata operations.

See also Accessing data captured by forms

HTTP services

  • The HTTP Service Editor allows you to create and bind services from a form.

  • With properties, you can tell Form Runner to load initial XML data.

  • Configure processes to submit data.

See also Accessing data captured by forms.


Embedding allows you to integrate a form in another application's page.

See Embedding for more details.

User management

By integrating with a user management system, you make Orbeon Forms aware of users and roles which can be associated with permissions.

See Access Control for more details.

XML representation of form data

See Form Data Format

See also