Run modes


It is often necessary to have slightly different settings between development and production. Run modes provide a way to create two separate sets of settings targeting the two environments.

For a quick introduction, see also this blog post.


The run mode is configured in the web application's web.xml file:


There are two possible modes:

  • prod: production

  • dev: development

By default, when you download Orbeon Forms, the mode is set to prod, the safest mode.

NOTE: If you build Orbeon Forms from source and run it from the exploded orbeon-war, the default is set to dev.

Orbeon Forms logs the mode used when starting the web app, for example:

Using run mode: prod
Using properties file: oxf:/config/properties-prod.xml

Impact of the modes

Selecting a particular mode selects different properties files. By default, the following properties are different in prod vs. dev mode:

  • oxf.http.exceptions

    • prod: false

    • dev: true

  • location-mode for oxf:builtin-saxon and oxf:unsafe-builtin-saxon

    • prod: none

    • dev: smart

  • oxf.xforms.minimal-resources

    • prod: true

    • dev: false

  • oxf.xforms.combine-resources

    • prod: true

    • dev: false

  • oxf.xforms.resources.encode-version

    • prod: true

    • dev: false


    • prod: 0

    • dev: 10

  • [SINCE Orbeon Forms 4.6.1]

    • prod: false

    • dev: true

  •*.* [UNTIL Orbeon Forms 4.6]

    • prod: false

    • dev: true

In addition, depending on the mode, the following local file is used:

  • prod: properties-local-prod.xml

  • dev: properties-local-dev.xml

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