Yes/No answer


[SINCE Orbeon Forms 2016.1]

What it does

The fr:yesno-input component displays a simple choice between "Yes" and "No". It stores a value of true when "Yes" is selected and false when "No" is selected.

This control is generally recommended over the Checkbox Input Component for binary (or boolean) selection, because:

  • A "Yes/No" choice is usually clearer to the user.

  • The control can be marked as "Required", in which case he user has to make a selection to pass validation. With a single checkbox, it is easier to miss making a selection.

[SINCE Orbeon Forms 2023.1]

A "Clear value" button is available in Form Builder to clear the value of the control without editing the source of the form definition or recreating the control.

Basic usage

You use fr:yesno-input like a regular XForms controls. Example:

<fr:yesno-input ref="happy-camper">
    <xf:label>Are you a happy camper?</xf:label>

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