Orbeon Forms

Yes/No answer


[SINCE Orbeon Forms 2016.1]

What it does

The fr:yesno-input component displays a simple choice between "Yes" and "No". It stores a value of true when "Yes" is selected and false when "No" is selected.
This control is generally recommended over the Checkbox Input Component for binary (or boolean) selection, because:
  • A "Yes/No" choice is usually clearer to the user.
  • The control can be marked as "Required", in which case he user has to make a selection to pass validation. With a single checkbox, it is easier to miss making a selection.

Basic usage

You use fr:yesno-input like a regular XForms controls. Example:
<fr:yesno-input ref="happy-camper">
<xf:label>Are you a happy camper?</xf:label>

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