Orbeon Forms

Orbeon Forms 2022.1.5

Wednesday, September 20, 2023
Today we released Orbeon Forms 2022.1.5 PE! This maintenance release contains bug-fixes and minor new features and is recommended for all users of:
This release also addresses the following issues since Orbeon Forms 2022.1.4 PE:
  • Security
    • Remove old XPath and Transformations Sandbox (#5943)
    • Upgrade to bcmail 1.75 (#5877)
    • With restrictive content security policy, click on the help icon navigates away form the form (#5951)
  • Form Builder
    • "Test PDF" must produce meaningful filename (#5105)
    • Form Builder: search by form name yields unexpected results (#5928)
    • Occasional error when loading Form Builder summary page (#5872)
    • Limit app/form name to 255 characters (#5848)
    • Form Builder should not add bind to custom dialog in form definition (#5733)
    • Section label editor closes on heartbeat (#5841)
    • "All Control Values" doesn't show in email template parameter dropdown (#5927)
    • Form Builder not to add an empty @xml:lang on templates, and do support empty @xml:lang at runtime (#5908)
    • References to $form-resources in formulas now considered invalid (#5909)
    • JavaScript error in Form Builder when copying a Formatted Text Area (#5963)
  • Form Runner
    • Email
      • XML attached to email is always in edge data format (#5911)
      • Possible issue with empty parameter name when sending email (#5900)
      • email action support for new parameter match = "all" (#5938)
      • Possible incorrect email template conversion #5923
    • PDF
      • fr:attachment in PDF must not contain link to download (#5917)
      • Properties to configure automatic PDF accessibility and PDF/A settings (#5914)
      • Special characters not showing in PDF (#5881)
      • 500 when testing PDF template from Form Builder (#5894)
      • PDF table of contents to include repeated sections titles (#5855)
      • Image not showing in PDF produced from template (#5893)
      • Disable PDF parameters for page paths (#5918)
      • Automatic PDF generation can be extremely slow on large forms (#5888)
    • Other
      • Excel import: show errors immediately in review data page (#5722)
      • Excel/XML export button on Summary page (#5264)
      • Automatically visit changed visible fields (#5934)
      • Support for the JCache API (JSR-107) (#5399)
      • Support presence of multiple caching providers (#5937)
      • Missing "link" between field or group and alert (#5932)
      • Focus on first invalid field after closing Errors/Validation dialog (#5883)
      • fr:simple-captcha must update its status when the user sets a value (#5920)
      • Variable notation not working in action condition (#5919)
      • Session heartbeat request sent too frequently (#5889)
      • Search API can generate invalid SQL (#5862)
      • Don't let buttons overflow grids (#5851)
      • Minimal read-write repeated grid doesn't show properly (#5840)
      • content.css pollutes top-level page (#5962)
      • Support cross-site embedding with the Form Runner JavaScript embedding API (#5974)
      • Workflow stage is lost when going to the view page (#5984)
      • Improve handling of expired session on the client (#5678)
You can download the latest version of Orbeon Forms from the downloads page.
Don't forget to grab a trial license for the PE version.
Please send feedback via Twitter, Mastodon, or the forum.
We hope you enjoy this release!