XForms 2.0 support

Last updated 5 months ago

Here at the feature from XForms 2.0 and its XPath expression module that are available as of Orbeon Forms 4.3:

  • xf:var

  • xf:repeat over sequences of atomic values and nodes

  • deprecation of nodeset in favor of ref

  • multiple MIPs of the same property affecting the same node

  • AVTs (Attribute Value Templates)

  • accept attribute on xf:upload

  • xf:property child of xf:dispatch element

  • iterate attribute on actions

  • xf:valid() function

XForms 2.0 features added with Orbeon Forms 4.5:

  • xf:bind() function

XForms 2.0 features added with Orbeon Forms 4.8:

  • caseref attribute on xf:switch

    • This allows storing the value of the currently-selected case to instance data.

  • case() function

    • This function was already available as xxf:case() in previous versions.

XForms 2.0 features added with Orbeon Forms 2016.1:

  • xf:submission and xf:instance JSON support.

    • This allows receiving application/json content. The JSON received is converted to an XML representation friendly to XPath expressions. This allows receiving data from JSON services and using it in your forms, including via Form Builder services.

    • This also allows sending application/json content, based on an XML representation.

  • xf:param and xf:body on xf:action

  • type attribute onxf:action` for types:

    • text/javascript / application/javascript / javascript

    • text/xpath / application/xpath / xpath

XForms 2.0 features added with Orbeon Forms 2017.1:

  • nonrelevant attribute on <xf:submission>

    • This deprecates the relevant attribute.

    • The values are keep, remove, and empty.

For what remains to be implemented, see the issues tagged "XForms 2.0".