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Configuring a Form Runner eXist database


[SINCE Orbeon Forms 2019.1]
Using the eXist database with Orbeon Forms is deprecated. We recommend using one of the supported relational databases for production.


By default, Orbeon Forms ships with an embedded eXist-db database. For production, this is not an ideal setup and it is better to have a separate eXist-db database. After you download and install eXist-db, you should follow the instruction below to set it up, and let Orbeon Forms know how it should connect to eXist-db.


Configuring full-text indexing in eXist-db

Orbeon Forms uses the Lucene-based full-text index. Without this configuration, free-text search in the Form Runner summary page won't work. After you install eXist-db, store a collection.xconf file as follows in the eXist-db, under system/config/db/orbeon/fr/. You can also find the latest version of this file on GitHub.
<collection xmlns="http://exist-db.org/collection-config/1.0">
<!-- Disable the standard full text index -->
<fulltext default="none" attributes="no"/>
<!-- Lucene index is configured below -->
<analyzer class="org.apache.lucene.analysis.standard.StandardAnalyzer"/>
<!-- We want to index the content of all form elements -->
<text match="//*"/>

Configuring Form Runner

Set the oxf.fr.persistence.exist.exist-uri in your Orbeon Forms properties-local.xml to tell Form Runner how to connect to your eXist-db REST API, using the appropriate URL.