PDF production


Form Builder and Form Runner can produce PDF output in two ways:

  • Automatically

    • The PDF is produced based on the appearance of the form in your web browser. This is similar to printing a read-only version of your form.

    • As a form author, you do not need to take any action to enable this mode.

    • For more, see Automatic PDF.

  • From one or more PDF templates

    • You upload one or more PDF files using the "Attach PDF Templates" dialog. At runtime, Form Runner fills-out Acrobat fields in the template.

    • This mode is automatically enabled for a form if a PDF template is attached.

    • For more, see PDF Templates.


  • Automatic PDF generation is available in Orbeon Forms CE and PE

  • PDF Templates are an Orbeon Forms PE feature.


Using buttons

PDF files can be accessed directly from the Form Runner Summary Page and Detail Page using the pdf button.

Example for the Detail Page:

<property as="xs:string" name="oxf.fr.detail.buttons.acme.order">
summary wizard-prev wizard-next pdf tiff save review

Example for the Summary Page:

<property as="xs:string" name="oxf.fr.summary.buttons.acme.order">
home review pdf tiff delete duplicate new

See also Predefined buttons.


You can send the URL of a PDF file using the content = "pdf-url" parameter. See Sending a PDF URL.


You can email the PDF file using the following property:


See also Email properties.

Production of TIFF images

[SINCE Orbeon Forms 2016.1]

PDF files can be converted to TIFF images. See TIFF Production.