Client-side JavaScript API

Finding a Form Runner control by name

[SINCE Orbeon Forms 2017.2]

The findControlsByName() function returns the HTML element(s) corresponding to the given Form Runner control name.

A Form Runner control name is the name entered by the form author in Form Builder. Examples:

  • first-name
  • street-address
    controlName : string, 
    formElem?   : HTMLElement
): HTMLElement[]
Name Required Type Description
controlName Yes String The name of the Form Runner control.
formElem No HTMLElement The form object that corresponds to the XForms control you want to deal with. This argument is only needed when you have multiple "XForms forms" on the same HTML page, which only happens if you are running your form in embedded mode and you have multiple forms on the same page.

When the parameter is not present or null, the first form on the HTML page with the class xforms-form is used.

If no control is found, an empty array is returned.

If there are multiple controls with the same name, the array will contain multiple elements. This can happen in the following cases:

  • when controls are repeated, for example in a repeated grid or section
  • when controls appear in the main form and section template and/or in different section templates

Focusing on a control

[SINCE Orbeon Forms 2017.2]

The wizard.focus() function sets keyboard focus on a Form Runner control by name, including toggling wizard pages first if needed.
    controlName   : String,
    repeatIndexes : Int[]?
Name Required Type Description
controlName Yes String The name of the Form Runner control.
repeatIndexes No array of Int Repeat indexes.

This function doesn't have any effect if the control is readonly or non-relevant.


The optional repeatIndexes parameter allows reaching controls within repeats. For example, with one level of repeat:'comment', [ 2 ])

accesses the second iteration of the comment field.

Similarly, for nested repeats, you add as many elements in the array as there are nested repeats:'comment', [ 3, 2 ])

When repeatIndexes is not specified, if the field is repeated, a single field is selected following the current repeat indexes.

NOTE: This only supports the wizard's free validation mode. lax and strict are not yet supported.

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