Open Selection Component


[SINCE Orbeon Forms 2016.1]

What it does

The fr:open-select1 component presents:

  • a list of radio buttons predefined by the form author
  • and a custom choice ("Other") which the user has the option to specify instead

Open selection component


You use fr:open-select1 like a regular xf:select1 control:

<fr:open-select1 id="flavor" bind="flavor-bind">
    <xf:label>Make your selection</xf:label>

Advanced usage

fr:open-select1 supports the following attributes:

  • appearance
    • full: shows radio buttons (the default)
    • minimal: shows a dropdown menu

This is the control with the minimal appearance:

Open selection component with `minimal` appearance

Data format

The predefined radio buttons have a label and a value, and, like all radio buttons, store their value into the data.

The text of the custom choice entered by the user is saved directly into the data.

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