Section Component

What it does

The fr:section component organizes grids under a header or title. Features:

  • collapsible section content
  • optional repetition of its content
    • configurable min/max number of iterations
    • can repeat over several heterogeneous rows
    • built-in icons and menus to add, remove, and move repeated rows


Full repeat appearance

Full appearance

Minimal repeat appearance

[SINCE Orbeon Forms 2016.1]

Minimal appearance

Basic usage

Non-repeated mode




  • collapsible [SINCE Orbeon Forms 2016.1]
    • whether the section can be collapsed by clicking on its title
    • true (default)
      • allow section to be collapsed
    • false
      • don't allow section to be collapsed
  • level [SINCE Orbeon Forms 2016.3]
    • level of the section, from 1 to 6
    • default: 2
    • alongside base-level, this value translates into an HTML heading h1 to h6
  • base-level [SINCE Orbeon Forms 2016.3]
    • base level of the section, from 0 to 5
    • default: 0
    • when set to a non-zero value, this value is added to the value of level to produce the actual section level

Repeated mode


  • freeze
    • optional number of rows at the top which cannot be removed or moved
    • can be an AVT [SINCE Orbeon Forms 2016.3]
  • appearance [SINCE Orbeon Forms 2016.1]
    • full
      • the default appearance, as with Orbeon Forms 4.10 and earlier
      • iteration menu
        • reordering of iterations
        • insertion of iterations at specific points
        • removing of specific iterations
    • minimal
      • does not show the "+" button at the top left
      • does not show the iteration menu and associated features
      • instead just provides "Add another" and "Remove" links at the bottom
  • insert [SINCE Orbeon Forms 2016.2]
    • index
      • the "Add Another" or "+" button adds a new repetition after the iteration currently with keyboard focus
      • this is the default in full appearance
    • bottom
      • the "Add Another" or "+" button adds a new repetition after the last iteration
      • this is the default in minimal appearance

You move, insert, and remove iterations using the left menu:


Data format



[SINCE Orbeon Forms 2016.1]

The following events are dispatched to the fr:section element:

Event name Description
fr-iteration-added Dispatched when the user has just added an iteration
fr-iteration-removed Dispatched when the user has just removed an iteration

These events are not dispatched if the number of iterations changes by other means, for examle if the data is replaced, or inserts/deletes happen outside of the component.

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