Summary page


The Form Runner Summary page shows, for a given published form, the list of accessible data in a table with paging. It allows:

  • Listing and searching data

  • Creating new data

  • Editing or visualizing existing data

  • Deleting data

  • Duplicating data

  • Navigating to the Home page and Import page

  • Opening a PDF or TIFF version of the form

Summary Page for the Bookshelf form


  • Created:

    • This is the data's creation date.

    • You can optionally remove this column via configuration.

  • Last Modified:

    • This is the data's last modification date.

    • You can optionally remove this column via configuration.

  • Custom columns:


By default, the Summary page shows a single search box which does a full-text search in the form data.1

You can open the search options using the "Show Search Options" button. The search options area contains individual search fields which allow performing a structured search, or search by field.

Search Options

You specify which fields appear in the search options area when editing the form definition, using the Control Settings dialog.


[SINCE Orbeon Forms 2018.2]

When more than one form version is available, the user has the choice of the version to access. Different versions can behave like very different forms.

Summary Page for version 1 of the form
Summary Page for version 2 of the form

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