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Summary page


The Form Runner Summary page shows, for a given published form, the list of accessible data in a table with paging. It allows:
  • Listing and searching data
  • Creating new data
  • Editing or visualizing existing data
  • Deleting data
  • Duplicating data
  • Navigating to the Home page and Import page
  • Opening a PDF or TIFF version of the form
Summary Page for the Bookshelf form


  • Created:
    • This is the data's creation date.
    • You can optionally remove this column via configuration.
  • Last Modified:
    • This is the data's last modification date.
    • You can optionally remove this column via configuration.
  • Custom columns:
By default, the Summary page shows a single search box which does a full-text search in the form data.1
You can open the search options using the "Show Search Options" button. The search options area contains individual search fields which allow performing a structured search, or search by field.
Search Options
You specify which fields appear in the search options area when editing the form definition, using the Control Settings dialog.


[SINCE Orbeon Forms 2018.2] When more than one form version is available, the user has the choice of the version to access. Different versions can behave like very different forms. Also see the properties to configuring the behavior of the summary page with regards to versioning.
Summary Page for version 1 of the form
Summary Page for version 2 of the form

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