Database Support

Categories of databases

We have two categories of databases:

  • XML: eXist
  • Relational: Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2

Since Orbeon Forms 4.4, the implementation of relational support is common to all databases. There used to be separate implementation for each relational database.

Feature matrix

Feature eXist Oracle MySQL SQL Server PostgreSQL DB2
Form controls and layouts including repeated grids and sections Y Y Y Y4 Y6 Y1
Versioning N Y3 Y3 Y4 Y6 Y3
Owner/group-based permissions Y6 Y2 Y1 Y4 Y6 Y1
Autosave N Y2 Y1 Y4 Y6 Y1
Flat view N/A Y N N Y6 Y5
Orbeon Forms PE support Y Y Y Y Y Y
Orbeon Forms CE support Y N Y N Y N
  1. Since Orbeon Forms 4.3.
  2. Since Orbeon Forms 4.4.
  3. Since Orbeon Forms 4.5.
  4. Since Orbeon Forms 4.6.
  5. Since Orbeon Forms 4.7.
  6. Since Orbeon Forms 4.8.

Third-party implementations

A third-party MarkLogic persistence layer for Orbeon Form Runner is available. As of 2015-03-02, this does not support versioning and owner/group-based permissions. Also please note that this is currently not officially supported by Orbeon.

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